The Investment Banking Scholars Club


Focused on developing top-tier candidates from the University of Houston


A premier student organization at Bauer

Since its inception in 2012, the Investment Banking Scholars Club (IBSC) aims to be the main student organization for students interested in placing into high finance, specifically within investment banks and private equities.

IBSC is recognized for its academic events, educational platform, recruiting efforts, and alumni network. We host and compete in various investment banking competitions, conduct weekly educational workshops and professional speaker sessions, and provide networking/recruiting opportunities for job placement.




We are currently recruiting students to join our organization. Apply for more information!


Areas of Focus


We promote educational development through weekly workshops that improve both behavioral and technical skills required to place into high finance. The workshops largely focus on accounting, financial models, and deal analysis.


Both our alumni and connections within the high finance community have provided a plethora of opportunities for students. We host and promote social networking events to continue expanding our organization’s network.

Career Placement

Members have historically received internships and full-time offers at prestigious investment banks and private equities, ranging from bulge brackets to middle-market firms. Career placement is a major priority for IBSC.

Social outreach

IBSC supports partnerships and co-sponsored events with other universities and student organizations. Our organization would be honored to facilitate social events on the behalf of the University of Houston. 

Alumni & Member Placement